Ben Hernandez

Partner, Skytale Group

Ben Hernandez is a partner at Skytale Group who specializes in M &A advisory and strategic management consulting for various service industries. He also offers his clients corporate-level financial analysis and guidance. As a co-founder of Skytale Group, Ben is passionate about leading an organization that people are proud to work with.

He serves his clients not only with years of experience and service industry expertise, but also through upholding the Skytale core values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, and fun. He loves to help business owners achieve their dreams, aspirations, and visions.

Previously, Ben has worked with an international investment banking group, a financial services and advisory institution, a hedge fund, and CPA and advisory firms. In each, he held various roles from putting together and presenting roadshow decks as an associate, acting as CFO of the fixed-incomedivision, and serving as the manager of the consulting department.

Outside the office, Ben enjoys running, biking, reading non-fiction, and disconnecting with his family, friends, and dogs. Each summer, he, his wife, and daughter enjoy time in Colorado fishing and hiking.