Jonquille Chantrey, MD

Plastic Surgeon & International Key Opinion Leader

Dr. Jonquille Chantrey specializes extensively in Aesthetic Medical procedures to enhance and rejuvenate the face and body. She has over 10 years of plastic and cosmetic surgery experience in microsurgery, breast, facial surgery and burns reconstruction. She has published articles in many peer-reviewed medical journals including The Lancet. Dr. Chantrey is regularly asked to lecture as a Key Opinion Leader at top International Burns and Plastic Surgery conferences.

Dr. Chantrey works extensively with the media as a Cosmetic Surgeon, Anti-ageing and Scarring Expert, being featured in: Tatler, The Times, The Daily Mail, Company Magazine, Cosmetic Surgery Today, The European Cosmetic Surgery Guide, The Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Guide, BBC Radio and Living TV’s “Changing Faces”.

She works as the resident surgeon advisor on ITV’s “Jeremy Kyle’s Morning Surgery” and is regularly featured as an expert on Channel 4’s“Embarrassing Bodies”.

Dr. Jonquille Chantrey has been chosen as the doctor for the UK to represent Allergan as an International Key Opinion Leader on their highly regarded International Rising Stars program. This involves presenting to other doctors & surgeons at international congress to promote exceptional practice and pioneering techniques in facial transformation using Juvederm Ultra®, Voluma®, Juvederm Hydrate® & Botox®.

Dr. Chantrey has previously worked as a Plastic Surgeon for a Skin Research Biotech company with an extensive drug portfolio for anti-scarring & burns resurfacing. She was a Principal Investigator and Medical Advisor to European Clinical Trials in Wound Healing and Scar resurfacing. Dr. Jonquille also worked for 3 years as National Aesthetics Director for a major UK Cosmetic Surgery Company.

All treatments performed by Dr. Jonquille Chantrey are to protect, maintain, enhance and preserve the physical and mental well being of her patients, and she aims to ensure optimum, natural results to improve long-term self-esteem. Due to both her surgical and scientific background she is very passionate about consistent high standards in peri-operative management, optimized patient journey and excellent aesthetic outcomes. Subsequently, Dr. Jonquille Chantrey has been approached to act as a UK & European expert and trainer for many of the top companies including: VASER liposuction (Soundsurgical), Macrolane (QMed) and Sculptra (Sanofi-Aventis).

Dr. Chantrey’s key areas of interest are: global facial rejuvenation using pioneering combination therapies for natural, outstanding results; stem cell harvesting and research; burns and scar resurfacing surgery, self-confidence improvement therapies and full body contouring using minimally invasive advanced liposculpture techniques.