Joshua Davis, BSN, RN

Aesthetic Nurse Injector, Social Influencer & Owner of Whisper Wood

Joshua Davis, BSN, RN, RDA received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Belmont University, and Bachelor of Musical Arts from Vanderbilt University. Joshua started his nursing career in Trauma ICU & Multi-Specialty Critical Care and transitioned into Aesthetics &Management in 2012.

Joshua is the founder of Whisper Wood, a premiere medical aesthetics practice in Brentwood, TN, under the medical direction of Dr. Brady Harris, MD. With his meticulous eye to detail and naturalism in aesthetics, Josh’s work soon began to be recognized on social media outlets, being voted in the Top 100
Injectors in the United States in 2018 and appointed to the Merz Aesthetics Advisory Board in 2019. Better known as BotoxJosh, he has quickly become a social media icon in the field of aesthetics, performing Instagram takeovers for major industry companies, has motivated audiences for aesthetic professional organizations, and has helped create Social Media Network Groups with some of the top social media influencers in the industry.