In addition to 4 days of education included in the Aesthetic Next General Conference Pass, take advantage of Clinical, Business, Anatomy and Hands-On Workshops to further your skills. Whether you are ready to learn more advanced injection techniques, build your business, or take a deep dive into facial anatomy and complications, there’s a workshop for you!  Other than the hands-on courses, all workshops are available both live & for 60 days post-conference with a virtual ticket.  

Join the movement and learn from some of the most renowned leaders in the Aesthetic Industry!

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Facial Balancing with Filler & Toxin

Thursday, September 8th
9:00-11:30 AM
LIVE $325 / VIRTUAL $225

Join renowned trainers and injection experts, Erika Barry, NP-C, MSN  and Waseem Garbia, PA-C for an in-depth training on each of their signature approaches to balancing the face with filler & toxin. Erika's perspective is rooted in the geometry of the face, and she's mastered the act of creating structure based on the individual planes and sections that make up each area. Waseem is a certified Master Injector and National Certified Aesthetic Injector, and he's an innovator focused on real talk and real results. His motto, "Don't change, enhance," is indicative of his injection approach Erika and Waseem are teaming up to  take attendees through a MasterClass complete with lecture, live demonstrations and audience Q&A.

Management & Avoidance of Complications with Aesthetic Injections  

Friday, September 9th
9:00-11:30 AM

Join international expert Lee Walker, BDS, MFDS, RCPSG, MJDF, RCS, ENG and Chair of Complications in Medical Aesthetics Collaboration (CMAC) for a workshop devoted to understanding, managing and preventing vascular occlusions and non-VO related adverse events. Dr. Walker is one of, if not the, leading experts in the world when it comes to complications. A renowned global KOL sharing his knowledge internationally and teaching medical professionals, he is also Director and Clinical Lead at the multi-award winning BCity Clinics, Liverpool and has over 18 years experience in the field of Medical Aesthetics. He has produced and internationally published peer reviewed publications on blindness and vascular occlusion, co-authored several chapters in medical aesthetic literature and published a book on injection anatomy and facial aging. Most recently, he co-authored the #1 article published by JCAD in 2021 and a staple for every injector, "Guideline for the Management of Filler Induced Vascular-Occlusion." In this workshop, Dr. Lee wil be covering a wide variety of protocols to help you become safer when it comes to preventing adverse events & more prepared when a complications arises.


Anatomy Lab: Advanced Anatomy & High-Risk Areas with Hands-On Injection & Dissection 

Saturday, September 10th
1:30-5:30 PM

This course will focus on more complex areas of injection, including: temples, forehead, nose, pyriform fossa, and tear trough. There will be an

in-depth anatomical dissection and discussion of these high-risk areas, focusing on injection techniques to prevent complications. This course is recommended for those who have experience with anatomy, or have taken the morning course and want to achieve more in-depth anatomical knowledge of the high-risk areas. We recommend you take both courses back-to-back to maximize your knowledge of anatomy. However, depending on your level of anatomical knowledge, this course can be beneficial without taking the first course.

Anatomy Lab: Comprehensive Anatomy for Injectors with Hands-On Injection & Dissection 

Saturday, September 10th
8:00-12:00 PM

This course is designed to make you a better, safer, and more efficient injector, utilizing cadaver anatomy. All levels of injectors can benefit from this course because it will include a thorough knowledge of anatomy and focus on injection techniques. This unique course will focus on injection anatomy, danger-zones, safer-zones, and how to utilize anatomy to your advantage. We will include a master dissection, and small group guided hands-on dissections, cadaver injections, and so much more! This course is perfect for the beginner, and advanced level injectors as it covers basic anatomy knowledge while applying advanced techniques, being respective of facial layers and depths of injection. The ultimate goal is to transfer this gained anatomical knowledge to live patient injection and outcome in your practice.


Liquid Rhinoplasty: Technique, Considerations & Live Demo 

Saturday, September 10th
11:30-2:00 PM
LIVE $325 / VIRTUAL $225

Dr. Alexander Rivkin put the liquid rhinoplasty on the map and is hands-down the foremost expert on the topic! He's injected thousands of Patients, and his perspective on assessing the face, creating great results, and managing complication risks will be at the core of this workshop. Attendees can expect a combination of didactic, live injections and Q&A to get better acquainted with performing the liquid rhinoplasty, selecting the right patients, and setting realistic expectations.

Ask Y: The Latest Innovations in Minimally Invasive Procedures 

Thursday, September 8th
12:00-2:30 PM
LIVE $325 / VIRTUAL $225

Recognized as one of the finest aesthetic facial surgeons in the field, NYC-based, board-certified maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Yan Trokel, has a unique methodology and expertise in facial rejuvenation that continues to revolutionize facial aesthetics. His perspective on what constitutes beauty and the aging effect is based on sound anatomical principles. From his years as a facial surgeon and performing countless facelifts, he emphasized the importance of bone structure and its effects on remaining layers of the face. Simply cutting skin and pulling it tighter did not beautify his patients and achieve youthful structure, so he's spent the last 15 years creating non-surgical procedures that transform the face. He's pioneered the YLift, YLift 2.0, and most recently the SurgYLift to bring surgical-level results to patients without the invasiveness or downtime of surgery, and he's joining us at Aesthetic Next to share his expertise and in-depth understanding of precise mapping and lifting to bring about transformative results. He will also be showcasing his techniques with live demonstrations! In this workshop, he's joined by Yuly Gorodisky, DO, board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of West Coast Plastic Surgery Center in Oxnard, CA. Dr. Gorodisky serves as faculty for Y-Lift on the west coast and has been working alongside Dr. Trokel as new innovations in his methods and techniques emerge.

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Grow, Protect & Retain: Strategies for Creating Long Term Practice Value & Protecting it Along the Way 

Saturday, September 10th
2:00-4:00 PM
LIVE $125 / VIRTUAL $100

Building a successful Practice is no accident - it takes the collective know-how of a team of experts who can help every step of the way. We're bringing an all-star wealth team directly to you with this business workshop! Join Leslie Tracey, Founder of Tracey Donovan, for an in-depth look at business planning & risk management. Attorney & Nurse, Irnise Williams, Esq., will detail the legal and compliance components you must know to setup and operate a Practice in the currently regulatory environment. Skytale Founder, Ben Hernandez, will share the best ways to create value in your Practice so that when the time comes to sell, you can maximize your return. Lastly, Cameron Hemphill, CEO of Growth99, will give you the tools to enhance your digital footprint, boost your marketing efforts, and kick your practice growth into overdrive from a social and web perspective.

Sex, Hormones, & Building an Integrated Wellness Practice 

Saturday, September 10th
3:00-5:00 PM
LIVE $250 / VIRTUAL $175

Integrative, functional Practices provide a holistic approach to treating the whole patient, but for many Aesthetic clinics, moving into the wellness side of things is a whole new venture. Join three experts in the field who will provide their perspective on adding hormone therapy, regenerative treatments, and sexual wellness to your practice. Steven Sorr, NMD is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and founder of Source of Health in Scottsdale, AZ where he's become a recognized leader in regenerative medicine and in Aesthetics. Joelle Lieman, MD is an ObGyn by training, but she's the founder of Elite Medspa where she incorporates her vast knowledge of all things sex with functional treatments and Aesthetic services. Lexi Yoo, NP is the founder of Yoo Direct Health where she's built a reputation as an expert in hormone optimization and regenerative therapies in addition to building a full aesthetic practice.


Preparing to Sell: An Expert Take on Mergers, Acquisitions & Building an Attractive Practice

Saturday, September 10th
10:00-12:00 PM
Sponsored - Registration Required 

Join M&A experts, Skytale Group, for a workshop focused on what you can do today to increase the value of your Practice! Skytale will provide an overview of how to assess your books, profitability, operations, etc. so that if and when you decide to exit your Practice, the process of selling it is that much easier! In addition, they'll walk through the ins-and-outs of the buy/sell process. What are the steps for determining a sell price? What's it mean to sign an LOI? What's the typical involvement of the owner post-sale? Skytale's team is actively helping Practices all over the country to connect with buyers and navigate the process from start to finish. If you have a desire to sell or buy a Practice in the next 5 years, this workshop can be a game changer for how you plan the next steps!

How to Build a Profitable MedSpa through Financial Understanding & Strategy

Friday, September 9th
9:00-11:00 AM
LIVE $125 / VIRTUAL $100

Learn how to analyze and accelerate your business by implementing a budget, key performance indicators, and total practice goals. Come prepared to 1) review your current financial statements and how to strategically assess them, 2) learn how to identify and measure the Key Performance Indicators that make your practice tick, 3) learn how to track and goal for peak performance, and 4) walk away with a clear guide for building a successful budget and targets for your practice. Please bring copies of the following if available (examples will be provided for those without actuals): 2021 full year Profit & Loss Statement showing percent of income 2021 full year Balance Sheet 2022 year to date Profit & Loss Statement showing percent of income 2022 year to date Balance Sheet 2022 revenue by provider by month 2022 hours worked by provider by month 2022 appointments by provider by month

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PDO Threads MasterClass: Protocols and Techniques for Successful Outcomes 

Saturday, September 10th
8:00-11:00 AM

If you are interested in learning PDO threads or are ready to take your skills to the next level, this MasterClass is taught by some of the country's most celebrated thread experts. Scott Callahan, PA-C and Gideon Kwok, DO will set the stage with an overview of Patient selection, building a treatment, plan, choosing the right threads, and setting expectations and then showcase their approaches via live demonstration. From there, attendees will break out into small groups with thread experts Lori Robertson, FNP-C, Shelby Miller, DNP, FNP-C, TJ Tsay, MD, Jessica Manges, ARNP, Heather Finks, FNP-C and Pawnta Abrahimi, RN, MEP-C, and Yvonne Dellos, FNP-BC for Patient assessment and demonstrations. Faculty will perform live procedures, but attendees with a Texas license will have the opportunity to participate as well!

Next Level Results with Biostimulators: PLLA, CaHa, AAM & BioFiller 

Thursday, September 8th
3:00-5:30 PM
LIVE $325 / VIRTUAL $225

The future of aesthetics is no doubt grounded in regenerative products and biostimulatory agents. We are fortunate to have access to them now, and this MasterClass is devoted to showing you the optimal ways to use biostimulatory products to enhance your Patient results. Faculty will go through the top "must knows" and "watch outs" for each product & perform live demonstrations using each. Featured in this workshop will be: Allograft adipose matrix, CaHa, PLLA and BioFiller led by Faculty who train routinely on these products and will cover the on and off label uses: Josh Davis, RN, BSN; Sonya Ellis, RN, CANS; Sally Santos PA-C; and Rachel Duke, MSN, NP, CANS.


Building the Structural Foundation with PLLA 

Sunday, September 11th
9:00-11:30 AM
LIVE $325 / VIRTUAL $225

Join Trainers, David Saadat, MD and Heather Rypien, RN, CANS, for an in-depth look at injection technique, protocols and live demonstrations with PLLA. Dr. Saadat has been using PLLA on face and body since the product launched! Together, he and Heather have trained thousands of Practitioners on building the foundation of great Patient outcomes by starting with a biostimulator first. This workshop will cover everything from full face correction (temples, jawline, cheeks, marionettes, preauricular area) to body correction (buttocks, decollete, scar indentation, etc.). Whether you are an advanced PLLA user or are just getting started, you'll walk away with new pearls and techniques to elevate your results!

Battle of the Experts: Multiple Approaches to Lip & Butt Augmentation 

Friday, September 9th
2:45-5:15 PM
LIVE $325 / VIRTUAL $225

In this workshop, industry experts are going head to head to showcase different techniques when treating the same area so you can decide which one is the winner for your Practice! The first battleground is all about the lips with Dr. Yan going head to head with the Lip Queen, Jessica Henderson Rhee, PA-C. They'll demonstrate proper technique for lip

augmentation - one on Team Cannula and one on Team Needle! They'll talk through their preferred approaches including which Patient is the ideal fit for either method and what makes them choose one over the other. Next up is the battle of the booty! Dr. Yan will be showcasing his signature bootYlift performed with CaHa, while Dr. Justin Harper, an expert with PLLA in the buttocks, will demonstrate his approach and results. For those deciding which product to use for enhancing the backside, you'll walk away with the knowledge to make an informed decision to do either or both! If you are looking to diversify your treatment protocols and try new methods, this workshop will fill your toolbox with different approaches to assessment and treatment, and the audience can take an active role in challenging Faculty rationale and assumptions along the way!

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The Business of HR: Hiring, Training, & Compensating Injectors 

Friday, September 9th
3:00-5:00 PM
LIVE $125 / VIRTUAL $100

Human resources is an unexpected chore for many business owners, and finding the right talent is a crucial part of a Practice's success. Join recruiting, hiring & onboarding expert, Mary Beth Hagen, and veteran trainer, industry advisory, & practice owner, Kevin Harrington, FNP-C, to break down your People process to recruit the best talent, continually train and develop them, and turn them into advocates for you Practice. Mary Beth & Kevin are the Masterminds behind TITAN's Injector Preparation Course that helps new-to-industry Practitioners to learn the foundations of injecting. Mary Beth has also developed a best in class screening tool that is unmatched when it comes to successful placement of candidates. Lastly, they've both worked on injector compensation models over the last several years, including TITAN's compensation report that is the only one of it's kind in the industry. If you are ready to elevate the People aspect of you Practice, this workshop is a MUST for you!

Hands-On Training: Injection Techniques for HyperDilute CaHa 

Wednesday, September 7th
12:30-2:45 PM 

This hands-on workshop will focus specifically on enhancing your comfort level with injecting hyperdilute CaHa. Led by Dakota Holt, NP, trainees will work with a trainer in small groups to learn optimal techniques, inject models and receive valuable feedback. Attendees must have a TX license, compact license or have secured a temporary license to inject. Upon registration this information will be requested.


Hands-On Training: Treating the Jawline with CaHa 

Thursday, September 8th
3:00-6:00 PM

This hands-on workshop will focus specifically on enhancing your comfort level with injecting CaHa in the jawline. Led by Audrey Rose, NP, trainees will work with a trainer in small groups to learn optimal techniques, inject models and receive valuable feedback. Attendees must have a TX license, compact license or have secured a temporary license to inject. Upon registration this information will be requested.

Behind The Syringe Squad: Injection Techniques & Live Demos from Multiple Perspectives  

Friday, September 9th
12:00-2:30 PM
LIVE $325 / VIRTUAL $225

The Behind the Syringe squad is together in a hands-on workshop for the first time! National trainers and expert injectors, Shelby Miller, DNP, FNP-C, Brittony Croasdell, APRN, CANS, Amy Birkenstamm, RN, CANS & Natalia Guzman, FNP-C, CANS join forces lecture on their signature techniques, approach to injecting various areas & to perform live demos! These four come from across the country, and they've mastered the distinct beauty trends in their own regions. Whether your patients want enhancement or augmentation, they will be showcasing treatment plans to contour, highlight, correct and more. With decades of training experience among them, there will be a healthy dose of anatomy, adverse event management and filler correction education as well!


Full Face Approach for Structural Enhancement: 3 & 5 Point Approaches 

Saturday, September 10th
2:30-5:00 PM
LIVE $325 / VIRTUAL $225

Join Dr. Ishaan Ramkisson, South Africa's leading Dermatologist and only National KOL for Galderma in the country! Dr. Ramkisson has lectured all over the world in the last decade, often as part of the esteemed global GAIN faculty, sharing his signature techniques and expertise in HA & PLLA injections. Aesthetic Next marks his first time lecturing in the US, but he's been a part of an elite group of advisors who lend their knowledge and experience with products in preparation for US commericial launches. He brings the an international perspective taken from his two Private Practices in South Africa, but also as a frequent educator and collaborator in dozens of countries. His signature lifting techniques have been shared across multiple continents, and now he's bringing them to the US for the very first time!

CORE: Filler & Toxin Overview with Hands-On Training 

Thursday, September 8th
9:00-12:00 PM

Join 4 veteran trainers for a hands-on workshop where you get to inject! This workshop is ideal for Injectors who are 2 years or less into their aesthetic career and who are eager for new techniques, coaching and feedback. Attendees must have a TX license, compact license or have secured a temporary license to inject. Upon registration this information will be requested.

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Understanding Ultrasound in Facial Aesthetics

Friday, September 9th
1:00-3:00 PM

Learn the basics of ultrasound for safe injection practices with Dani Sher, PA-C, one of only a handful of accredited Ultrasound trainers in the industry. In this 2-hour course, Dani will show you the basics of ultrasound with a focus on practical applications and how to apply this powerful modality that can help minimize complications.  You will leave with a general understanding of:

•  Differentiating fat, vessels, and bone 

   appearance on ultrasound
•  How to hold and visualize using a handheld

•  Targeting structures with a needle and a

   cannula on ultrasound using phantoms
•  Vascular mapping for filler injections

You will have an opportunity to work with US               devices during the course. 

The Scale Philosophy Roadmap for 
Female Entrepreneurs

Thursday, September 8th
1:30-3:15 PM
LIVE $125/ VIRTUAL $75

The word scale in business is fundamentally misunderstood. In a traditional growth model,
growth simply means more sales revenue. In a traditional growth model everything grows
including costs to generate that growth (via team, marketing, space, devices, and inventory). The
lifeblood of this structure is oxygenated by a founder’s precious hard work, time and energetic
well being.

However, in a true scale model, a business's revenues grow faster than its expenses to generate
lucrative profits margins. By design, a significant portion of that revenue (if not all) is accrued by
assets versus blood, sweat, and tears of its founder. And it’s a scale model that frees a founder
from the day to day work to evolve as a CEO who has sweet freedom and equity to exit her
business for a sky-high valuation (aka your Champagne Exit).
If you want to expand in a way that provides all of the benefits of profitable growth with fewer
headaches, it takes becoming supremely intentional about what you are creating. There is an art
to scaling your aesthetic business and you can design your own Scale Philosophy Roadmap
in this powerful 90 minute workshop with celebrated business leadership coach Kaeli Lindholm.


Integrating Energy-based Technologies & Combination Therapies into Your Practice

Friday, September 9th
9:00-11:00 AM
$300 LIVE/ $225 VIRTUAL

Decipher the vast array of non-surgical, minimally invasive options for your aesthetic practice. We will be reviewing the latest in laser platforms, energy-based technologies, and the use of topicals and injectables in combination with these technologies. This course helps you understand the differences and offers a step-by-step guide to finding the suitable applications and protocols for your practice.